Welcome to An Opportunity Knock's automotive section. Automobiles and promotional items go hand in hand. All you have to do is look at the license plate holder on the car in front of you the next time you're out driving. I doubt that you see many plain ones. The space is too valuable not to add a plug for the dealer or the manufacturer, or for the driver's favorite team, charity, or school. And that's just for beginners. The automobile industry is huge and so is the automotive promotional product market.

At AOK we have promotional items that you can imprint with your brand that focus on safety, repair and maintenance, comfort, toys, and even sweets. If you're looking for something inexpensive but still attractive and usable, we have a ton of keychains and stress toys. If car maintenance is your thing, we can offer you a variety of tool kits, window squeegees, ice scrapers, car wash kits, even funnels-how many times have you wished you had a funnel when you were down a can of oil? If safety is your concern, we have first aid kits, emergency auto tools, radios with emergency lights, and tire gauges.

If you're in the high-tech arena you'll find a variety of plug-in mobile device chargers, mini Bluetooth speakers, and apple-shaped rechargeable Mp3 speaker keychains. Don't forget to ask about some of the old stand-bys like bumper stickers, decals (like the charity ribbons), auto shades, air fresheners, trunk and glove compartment organizers. We have them all, and our consultants are waiting to assist you at 1-888-566-2577.