We appreciate your interest in calendars. You will find all your basic types at An Opportunity Knocks: desktop, electronic, magnetic, and wall calendars. They all represent excellent ways to put your brand in front of a customer and keep it there on a daily basis for a year, and longer if you choose the electronic or perpetual variety. You will see by looking at the descriptions, that each category has its own special advantages.

For simple practicality and usefulness, you can't beat an attractively designed, one month per page, paper desk calendar or a magnetic calendar for the side of a cabinet or the front of a refrigerator. For the client interested in novelty or gadgets, you might try one of our perpetual calendars; for example, take a look at the Moma magnetic perpetual calendar-that's really different. You would think that electronic calendars are for the desk only, but we even have one that's a wall calendar. These calendars give you many additional features, such as the time, world time, thermometer, even an alarm.

For sheer visibility and attractiveness, the wall calendars offer the greatest possibilities, with outstanding photography that includes outdoor themes, homes, golf courses, cities, national parks, dogs and cats, cars and trucks-you name it; there's one that can be imprinted front and center with your logo. And as you browse the calendars note that there are even special calendar/sticky note combos available. These are all items that your customers and clients will look for year after year, so give us a call at 1-888-566-2577 and we'll get you set up with the calendar that best matches your brand.