Key Tags and Key Chains

We're so glad you chose to consider key chains as a vehicle for promoting your brand. You won't believe all the options you have in the way of style, composition, functionality, and appeal. You can get key chains that are, well, just key chains-well made, elaborately logoed, and shaped to suit your industry. Or you can focus on functionality and choose key chains that double as lights, bottle openers, tire gauges, whistles, or measuring tapes.

Whatever market you wish to address, there's a key chain perfect for you: for example, for the medical field we have pill boxes with cutters; for sports we have key chains shaped like footballs, basketballs, tennis balls, golf balls, golf clubs-you name it; for construction or realty companies we have house and key shaped key chains; for the boating industry you'll find floating key chains in a multitude of shapes. For sheer practicality consider the LED light key chains; having a little light comes in so handy at times. For eyeglass wearers we even have little screwdriver key chains.

And shapes: AOK has every shape possible: houses, hardhats, teardrops, the world, surfboards, stars, anchors, teddy bears, and so many more. If you're looking for something a little classier, we can oblige you with brass, gold-plated and crystal key chains. Or if you need a special gift we have combination gift sets that include pens, card cases, mini-organizers, tape measures and luggage tags. We even have apple-shaped rechargeable Mp3 speaker key chains. Whatever your need, browse this section awhile, and then let us know how we can adapt your selection to your brand. Our number is 1-888-566-2577.