Welcome to magnets. Do you know how many practical ways there are to use magnets? Neither do we! But we've got a pretty good idea, and we list almost 600 of them here. So stick around-you're only limited by your imagination. Here are some great uses for magnets: car magnets to identify your brand on company vehicles, puzzle magnets for an extra element of fun, magnetic note clips, calendar magnets, seasonal schedule magnets, business card magnets, magnets dye cut into custom shapes like animals, pill bottles, hearts, badges-just about any shape, white, solid color, or designed.

Refrigerators and metal cabinets provide the perfect surface for note pad magnets and photo frame magnets, which come in a variety of sizes and shapes for highlighting images. They also provide secondary advertising possibilities with the pop-out section that can be used elsewhere. Magnets are used by major companies to advertise their brand and by small businesses to keep their name at your fingertips-imagine the dog biscuit magnet from the vet or the smiling tooth magnet from the local dentist with their contact info gleaming at you.

There are even magnets that serve a purpose, like holding your cell phone to your dash, or connecting a small light to a metal frame while you're working. And don't forget the pink "Find the Cure" ribbons and all their spin offs-perfect for any not-for-profit fundraising cause. Size, shape, and color need not be hindrances to finding the magnet perfect for your brand. Let us know what you need and we'll find it for you. Just call 1-888-566-2577, or email us at