Thank you for visiting AOK's tool category. Whether you're looking for something to appeal to gardeners, home owners, carpenters, or to the automotive and construction industries, you've reached the right place. You might want to consider one of the many multi-tools that we display. These are so useful for so many applications, from replacing a light switch to cutting a rope, to turning a hard-to-turn object - many of the basic operations we do by hand.

In the automotive category we have safety tools for shattering glass, tire gauges, compact travel tools, glove compartment kits, first-aid kits, LED multi-tool/light combinations, and even tire-shaped too kits. Obviously, the multi-tool is ideal for the general handyman types, as are rulers, screwdriver sets, socket sets, level/tape measure combos—you can even step up to complete tool sets in a trifold or hard case from 15 to 55 pieces. And did I forget the good old-fashioned pocket knife? In the home-owner category you have your choice of wine tools, eyeglass tools and cleaning cloths, key ring tools and lights, and, well, all of the above and more.

You can add your logo to the tool of your choice by the appropriate imprinting process, whether it's on the exterior case of a tool set or engraved right into the metal. Our consultants can sort that all out for you and answer any of your questions about matching the right tool option with the right application for your brand. Our number at AOK is 1-888-566-2577. We're looking forward to discussing your needs.