An Opportunity Knocks was founded in 1999 in response to the ever-increasing demand for promotional products that satisfy today’s marketing needs. Initially we were located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and in 2007 we expanded to the Big Apple, New York City (Manhattan), U.S.A.  We now have distribution centers near both great cities—in Mississauga, Ontario, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—so we can provide our customers with outstanding service and delivery times in both the United States and Canada.  

The website is designed and presented by the AOK Marketing Group, now celebrating its 14th year of researching, procuring, developing, and delivering the finest and most up-to-date promotional items available.

AOK Advantages:

We are the only company who stands by our products with industry leading guarantees, such as our “Five Percent Free Goods Price Match Guarantee”—Their price is our price, only better! We will match any competitor’s price and give you five percent more product for free. Just send us our competitor’s quote or URL.

On-Time Shipment or your order is free! We know your event is important, so if we miss our agreed-upon delivery date, the product is free!
Satisfaction Guaranteed! We know your brand is important, and you spend a lot of time and money ensuring it's consistent.  If the product we ship shows up and it doesn’t meet your expectations, we will return your order, refund your money, or credit your account!

AOK Services:

Promotional Sourcing—With over 800,000 products available domestically and internationally, the perfect item for your promotion is out there, and we’ll find it for you!  

Compliance Double Check—We take all the worry out of promotional items for you and supply all the supporting documentation you need. For example: Have you heard about BPA (bisphenol-A)?  What does that symbol on the bottom of my mug mean?  Are plastic mugs safe?  What about lead paint? NOT TO WORRY! We eliminate concerns over health, safety, and environmental standards.

Unique Decorating Processes—Let us know the challenges of adhering to your brand standards and guidelines or the Pantone colors you need for your imprint. We will find the perfect solution for you!


How do I get a free quote?
> The first and quickest way to get a free quote is to search for the item or items you’re looking for, add the product(s) to your cart, and click on submit to receive a no-obligation quote. We will contact you within a short period of time to discuss the quote. The second way is to call our toll-free number and speak directly with one of our friendly customer service reps.

How long will it take to receive my quote?
> In some cases your quote will be available as quickly as 15 minutes. For more difficult projects, we will call you to confirm that we received your request and then provide the information you need within twenty-four hours.
Who are your manufacturers and suppliers?
Our manufacturers and suppliers are primarily North American–based reputable companies that regularly undergo quality checks and service audits. We only work with the biggest, best, and most established suppliers in the marketplace—this translates into peace of mind for you. Narrowing our supplier base also enables us to pass on tremendous savings to you due to our purchasing power.

Where are you located?
> We have two offices to serve you, one based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and the other in Manhattan, New York, USA.

What are your shipping policies?
> The majority of the time we ship direct from the manufacturer in reinforced boxes to the address you designate. To help save the environment, we believe that wherever possible we should reuse boxes, reduce freight, and eliminate waste.  If your order requires special handling, kitting, or other assembly, we will ship from our Mississauga, Ontario, warehouse or our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, warehouse.

Any other questions?  
> Drop us a line and send your inquiry to You can always reach us at:

USA - 350 5th Ave, Suite 7412 | New York, New York, U.S.A. 10118-7412
CANADA - Richview Square | 250 Wincott Drive, P.O. Box 18535 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9R 4C8
TOLL FREE 1.888.566.2577 | LOCAL 416.815.8000
INTERNATIONAL 001 416 815 8000