Reasons To Celebrate

Watching A Good Story

Watching A Good Story

There’s something amazing about sitting in a chair, and being transported to another life, another land, another world.  People are built to share stories and there are some awesome storytellers.

I love a good story.  It is said a man who reads a thousand books, lives a thousand lives.  I would agree with that.  I would also agree that a man who watches a thousand movies lives a thousand lives too, just in a different way.

To be transported is truly something to celebrate.

The challenge is not comparing your life to the fictional lives you’re watching.  Even if you’re watching a story about someone’s real life, there is no way to put all the ups and downs, the struggles and hardship all into a nicely condensed 2 hour blockbuster.

So just remember, even if the story you are watching makes you compare your life to theirs, don’t.  Your life is as interesting as can be.  Sure, it might feel a little like the Bill Murray movie Groundhog day, but the lesson I love from that movie is he eventually does his best to optimize that day.  To make it his best day.  To have the greatest impact on those around him, even though it’s literally the exact same day over and over again.

I hope you find something to celebrate today.  Share your story, as I said, I’d love to hear it.

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